Osa Great Adventure

Osa Great Adventure invites you to visit Osa Peninsula, a tropical paradise situated in the south of Costa Rica, our main attractions are Caño Island where diving and snorkeling is performed, Corcovado National Park with its several stations, Sirena Station, San Pedrillo Station, Los patos station, Los planes station And La leona station.


The night walk is an incredible activity focus on finding those nice animals missed during the day, for example frogs, toads, arachnids, insects, snakes, and some nocturnal mammals found in the area. The Pelagic and standard Whale and dolphin watching tour that takes you to an amazing magic world of jumping happy creatures. The horseback riding tour to visit waterfall or just to gallop the horse during low tide and even program the activity for the evening so you can also enjoy the sunset while horseback riding. The bird watching tour done early in the morning or in the evening are the best options for performing this activity, since it is the time when birds are more active. The canopy tour, a great chance to experience the adrenaline of being launched in a cable, going sometimes above the of the trees. Rural tours to support those little companies and the families that depend on them. The Sierpe mangrove tour is a very activity that shows a forest that experiences  drastic changes with the different tides.

The seabird watching which is a very special activity for birders that want to take their love for birding further away from shore looking for some species that never come to land, nesting in rocks in the ocean and islands. the kayaking tour for those who like the adventure and the exercise. Tubing along the river, and a lot more.

Also we offer holyday houses for families or groups of friends, and packages suitable for your desires.


Allan Guevara, Manager.