The Canopy tour Drake Bay is a very special adventure and is located in Los Planes, a small town, twenty minutes by car from Drake Bay. During the drive to the Canopy tour, you will drive along a beautiful area. You will cross the Agujitas River by car and find a still untouched, preserved nature. The canopy tour is an adventure full of adrenaline and ideal for those who want to leave the everyday stress behind. You will forget about everything else for a moment and fully enjoy it. This tour is also the perfect choice for family and friends to have a lot of fun together. There is no prior experience, as you will get a comprehensive introduction to equipment and sequence before the tour begins.

After the introduction to safely about use the equipment the guide will proceed to begin the tour along with his assistant.

This activity has been created for people who want adventure and want to see the forest of Peninsula de Osa from a different perspective.

Tour description:

This excursion lasts two and a half hours and can be done in the morning or in the afternoon. A taxi will take you from Drake Bay to the Canopy location. If you are a little further from Drake Bay, we can help you arrange a taxi to Drake Bay and bring you back to your hotel after the tour. As soon as you arrive at the site, the guide will explain the itinerary and detailed information about the use of the equipment so you do not need previous experience to take this tour.

There are 14 platforms and 12 cables on the site. The highest platform is 30 meters high and the longest cable is 400 meters long. The highest cable is 65 meters high.

Adrenaline and the jungle are waiting for you, do not miss this unique activity.


PRICE$65 per person.

Canopy tour