Corcovado National Park Overnight Tour Sirena Station (detailed description and schedule of the activity)

First day:

This trip leaves Playa Colorada, Drake Bay at 6:00 am for a 50-minute boat ride to Sirena beach. From the beach, we go to Sirena Station because we need to drop the luggage not needed during the hike hence, we start exploring trails.

Hikes are walked at a casual pace to allow time for observation and asking questions. Lunchtime is around 12:00 noon for roughly an hour. After resting another walk take place g until 5:30 pm, ending back at Sirena Station.


Corcovado National Park Overnight Tour Sirena Station



Second day:

The next day starts at 5:30 am for a sunrise hike followed by breakfast in the forest at 6:30 am. After breakfast, we’ll go to the station to pack everything to have it ready to depart when the time comes. We’ll continue hiking until lunch at the station at 1:30.

The boat leaves Sirena beach at 12:30 pm, arriving back to Drake Bay around 2:00 pm.
Includes :

  • Day 1: box lunch, and a hot dinner at the restaurant of the station.
  • Day 2: breakfast in the forest, box lunch.
  • Entrance and camping fee.
  • Bilingual tour guide.
  • Bed, blankets, mosquito net.
  • Transportation to Corcovado by boat.



  • Closed-toed shoes.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Poncho (during rainy season).
  • Snacks.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Headlamp or extra flashlight.
  • Bring enough water for the tour.

PRICE $325 per person.

Corcovado Overnight Tour Sirena Station

How difficult can this activity be?

This activity can be done by people of all ages. The experience can involve humidity, rain, hit, and some mud during the wet season.

If you consider that it is could e challenging for you, let us know, and we will be more than glad to help you with further information for you to better enjoy Corcovado National Park.

Corcovado National park Overnight Tour Sirena Station insights


Corcovado National park Overnight Tour Sirena Station is a very exciting experience for nature lovers. The boat takes you for one hour along the coast having the chances to see dolphins, and whales during their visit to Peninsula de Osa. See birds are also part of the beauty of this trip.


The forest of Sirena Station hosts the four different species of monkeys, sloths, tapirs, the American Crocodile, boas constrictor, two species of wild pig, red rocket deers, and a good number of beautiful conspicuous birds which are the reason why a lot of bird watchers visit Corcovado National Park.

The forest of Sirena station is a very young one, having a primary forest in its surroundings. However, it keeps some large trees which were not cut for the people who used to leave in Sirena forest, since they were shade providers for cows. As a proof of it, there is a very large ceiba tree by the Naranjos Trail. Five minutes from the beginning of the trail, close to the beach.

This is an unforgettable experience that is waiting for you. Don’t miss it !!!



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Corcovado National Park Overnight Tour Sirena Station

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