Corcovado overnight and day tours are the most wanted activity by nature lover from all over the world, and here we have put together different options for you to enjoy this incredible place.

We hope that you find a suitable activity for you and if this is not the case let us know to personalize your activity.

One night at Sirena Ranger Station, Corcovado National Park

This is an all-inclusive activity and one of the most wanted by travellers seeking an experience like no other in nature. When you spend a night in Corcovado National Park you will never want to visit a zoo. Animals move freely and they do not show fear for people since this animals grow up understanding that guides and travellers mean no threat to them (Read More).

One night Corcovado tour at San Pedrillo Ranger Station

This activity is all-inclusive. San Pedrillo station has an impressive primary forest with very old and tall trees that will make you for a moment and think about how amazing nature can be. The waterfall and it is right on the beach, Known as the land of felines (Read More)


Sirena and San Pedrillo Station overnight tour in Corcovado

This is an all-inclusive activity. Here you will enjoy the hight activity animals of Sirena Station and a very old primary forest in San Pedrillo, the waterfall and the amazing sunset Of San Pedrillo which is located right on the beach. It is also a very option for you if you want to be in a place with a few people since no many people know of this place (Read More).



3 days overnight tour-intense experience thru Corcovado National Park

This is an all-inclusive intense experience thru Corcovado. Visit 3 stations in one of the best experiences ever for nature lovers. The stations which can be visited during a 3 days activity are Los Patos, Sirena, La Leona, and San Pedrillo Station (Read More).


Day tour in Corcovado National Park-Sirena ranger Station

You will not have to worry about anything else than enjoying this activity in the core of Corcovado National Park because you will have the entrance fee, transportation, box-lunch, and a naturalist tour guide included. The goal of this activity is to observe, ask questions, and listen to important information about the flora and fauna of Corcovado National Park (Read More).


Day tour at San Pedrillo station in Corcovado National Park

San Pedrillo hast one of oldest primary forests of Corcovado National Park, and the combination of it with the waterfall, and a station located right on the beach is just amazing. It is very important to mention that it is known as the land of pumas. It is also a good option for you if you want a shorter trip by boat since is located 35 minutes away from Drake Bay along the coast by boat (Read More).

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 How much wildlife Corcovado National Park has?

In Corcovado National Park inhabit 500 tree-species out of the 900 tree species found in Costa Rica, 6,000 species of insects, 140 species of mammals of 251, and 390 species of birds of 900, and 116 species of amphibians and reptiles and 40 species of fish.

Some of the most frequently viewed wildlife includes tapirs, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, and squirrel monkeys, and anteaters, 220 species of butterflies, sloths, crocodiles, poison-arrow frogs.

Olive ridley sea turtles, leatherback sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, and Pacific green sea turtles come to Corcovado National Park to lay their eggs on the beach.

Corcovado National Park has a lot of surprises to give in one or several days trip.


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