Horseback Riding Tour. We offer different riding tours around Drake Bay. In the jungle or along the beach. Also, a offered riding tour leads to the Agujitas waterfall. Another nice option is to ride along the beach during the time that the sun sets.

The tours can take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. Drake Bay is a great place to explore and a unique area. Wherever you ride, you will see beautiful nature and many animals. The horses on which we ride are familiar with the activity, so it is also very easy for those who have no experience with them. It is also a perfect activity to enjoy in a group of friends or family of a beautiful trip in nature. There are many beautiful species of birds and a unique vegetation that can be observed during this activity.

Explore Drake Bay and fall in love with The nature of Osa Peninsula. We can make of your visit an unforgettable experience based on nature and knowledge about it which will make you see it from a different perspective since we handle a good knowledge about our flora and fauna giving to people a better insight.

Let us know if you have any idea. We will work on putting together any package tour you have in mind.

We also work with horses that are in good shape for this activity. For us making sure that the animals are well treated and well cared is very important.

Horseback Riding Tour

Tour description:
We pick you up from the hotel with the horses. If your hotel is further away, we can help you get a taxi and it will take you back to the hotel at the end of the activity. The horseback riding tour begins in Drake Bay.
Come and enjoy a beautiful ride with your family and friends!

  • The tour guide (only Spanish speaking).



PRICE$50 per person.

HorseBack Riding Tour