The night walk tour in Drake Bay is the perfect activity for you to explore the nightlife of the rainforest. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to explore a completely different animal world. You would be able to see during the night walk tour: poison frogs, glass frogs, tree frogs, toads, insects, lizards, snakes and many other animals.

If you are interested in nature, it will be an unforgettable experience, because at night the forest turns into a completely different world full of fascinating creatures.
This hike is a unique opportunity to observe amazing nightlife from close up and shoot unique photos as some animals are already sleeping on leaves or moving very slowly. A flashlight, as well as rubber boots, are provided and of course a local tour guide with experience around this area.

We recommend to wash very well your hands so any chemical would go away since frogs and toads are very likely to get affected because of their delicate skin, and we try to diminish the impact to the lowest possible, so can keep appreciating of the night life and also the next generations to come.

Night Walk Tour

Activity description:

If your hotel is located near the center of Agujitas town , the tour guide will pick you up from the hotel, otherwise we can help you get a taxi to take you to the village and bring you back after the tour. The activity takes about two hours. It is not a strenuous tour and can be designed with flexibly, it can start around 18:00 or 19:00.
The activity can also be designed to meet specific needs, for example the tour can focus more on snakes, frogs or insects.


  • Flashlight.
  • Rubber boots.
  • Travel Guide.


  • Long pants.
  • Bug spray.
  • Bring enough water for the tour.
  • Plastic bag for electronics in case of rain.

PRICE $40 per person.

Night Walk Tour