Open water course-Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

The open water course lasts from 3 to 4 days minimum, and those who come as referrals need two days and show their the documents that prove their previous study to do the course.
What is included in the course:

  • Open water course book.
  • Diving instructor.
  • Diving equipment.
  • Entrance fee to Caño island biological reserve.
  • Lunch all the days that the student goes to the island.
  • Transportation by boat to the island (both ways).

Important points to beeter enjoy of this experience:
To have the needed amount of days available, do not forget  bringing at least 2 liters water, a dry bag to keep electronics  safe, sunscreen, a towel, sandals, sunglasses, and a rain poncho.


***Very important

  • It is importatnt to ask for availability, since an amout of people is needed to do the course.
  • The practice is done in the ocean in shallow and easy waters.
  • We reccomend getting your accommodation close to the dive center.
  • The maximum depth at Caño Island is 18 meters.
  • The squedule presented her might be changed by the dive center according to what works best the activity.
  • If you do part of the course online then you will need only 2 days to do the open water course.
  • It is very important to set the course some days in advance to make sure that it is going to be posible.