Pelagic dolphin and whale watching tour. We leave the coast for a seven-hour ocean experience. We will take you where you will find blooming sea life. Dolphins, whales and seabirds are just some of the many beautiful marine life that can be experienced in one day in our deep blue waters.
The oceans around the Osa Peninsula are a place of two different migrations of humpback whales. In this sea, the whales give birth to their young, which means that they can be seen most of the year. This area is also the home of the spotted dolphins, common dolphins and the bottlenose dolphins. It is also important to mention that there are many other types of this family that are less common but may be encountered during this tour.
On Pelagic dolphin and whale watching tour, we head to the open sea to educate people about this unique marine life and the importance for the environment, and at the same time help report any activity that could harm this species and its environment. This way, our future generations will be able to gain more awareness about the protection of the animals, while at the same time enjoying their beauty.

If you are looking for a shorter activity we recommend the standard whale and dolphin watching tour.

Pelagic Dolphin And Whale Watching Tour

This 7-hour trip takes place in the waters off the coast of the Osa Peninsula. We begin at 7:30 am with a boat ride from Colorada beach of Drake Bay to off-coast waters home to dolphins, whales and seabirds. The goal of this trip is to go much longer than the half-day trip in order to see animals with habitats further away from the coast. In addition, this trip offers the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. It must be taken into account that humpback whales visit Costa Rican waters seasonally. The best chance to experience the seasonal migration of Southern humpbacks is June through September, while Northern humpbacks visit the area December through April. Dolphins are present year round. Being common species the spotted, bottlenose, common, rough-toothed and spinner dolphins.


  • Bilingual tour guide.
  • Water and fresh fruit.




  • Sunglasses.
  • Snacks.
  • Hat with adequate sun protection.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Long sleeved shirt.
  • Plastic bag to protect equipment in case of rain.
  • Bring extra water for the tour.

**Note: while a full lunch is not provided (in lieu of boat motion sickness) ample fruit and water will be accessible throughout the trip


**Note: The price of this trip is per boatload, with an 8 person maximum. The more people that attend, the more cost-effective per person.


This additional service makes it easier for us to find the animals we are looking for in the ocean, as the plane saves them from the sky and gives us the coordinates of the location.

PRICE $1300

Pelagic Dolphin And Whale Watching Tour