Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour


Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour from Drake Bay, Costa Rica

The whale and Dolphin Watching Tour  lasts around five hours and departs from Drake Bay. The waters of Osa Peninsula host several dolphin species, among them the most common one is the spotted dolphin. They are mostly found because they hunt in mutualism with a species of bird called brown booby. It is impressive to see how these beautiful creatures jump out of the sea and play with the boat while they are hunting for fish. Sometimes brown boobies and frigate birds catch flying fish that try to escape from the dolphins – it looks like a rehearsed performance.

Humpback whales are amazing creatures that arrive to Osa Peninsula waters in two different seasons of the year. They come to give birth to their babies, which you can see playing near their mothers and trying to start exploring by their own. Sometimes whales jump and hit the water with their bodies to get rid of parasites that grow on their bodies.  It is also a way of communication. They hit their bodies on the water, a wonderful and sometimes wet experience.

Dolphin And Whale Watching Tour

Tour description:

Dolphin And Whale Watching Tour. A trip that takes place in the waters off the coast of the Osa Peninsula. We begin at 7:30 am with a boat ride from Colorada beach of Drake Bay to off-coast waters home to dolphins, whales and seabirds. It must be taken into account that humpback whales visit Costa Rican waters seasonally. The best chance to experience the seasonal migration of Southern humpbacks is June through September, while Northern humpbacks visit the area December through April. Dolphins are present year round, with common species being the spotted, bottlenose, common, rough toothed and spinner varieties.

  • Bilingual tour guide.
  • Water and fresh fruit.
  • 5 hour boat ride in a covered boat.


  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat with adequate sun protection.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Long sleeved shirt.
  • Plastic bag to protect the equipment in case of rain.
  • Bring extra water for the tour.

PRICE$115 per person.



Dolphin And Whale Watching Tour

For those who are looking for an activity that goes further away from shore and for longer time, we offer the pelagic tour for observation of cetaceans and seabirds.